Sweetums Wall Decals & More offers a wide variety of wall decals that bring life to the walls in your home. At Sweetums, we know that small spaces like your laundry room or bathroom can be difficult to decorate with anything other than the bare essentials. With our laundry room and bathroom wall decals, you can add unique design elements to the areas that rarely get any decorating attention.

We can’t take the labor out of doing laundry for you, but one of our many laundry room wall decal designs and quotes can create an enjoyable atmosphere and put a smile on your face while you separate and fold. Sweetums has bathroom wall decals you can use to remind the boys to put the seat down and wash their hands, or you can simply choose a design that will take a bland space and make it extraordinary. Our decals are great for any flat surfaces in your home so don’t limit yourself to just the walls. Browse our selection of unique decal designs to begin customizing your laundry room and bathroom today.