What's on Your List?

It’s December 8… let’s not explicitly say how few days there are until Christmas. I love getting gifts for others, I just stress over getting them something that they will actually enjoy. My husband accuses me of being too practical and that my gifts aren’t fun and he’s right, guilty as charged. Most years I am finishing up shopping at the last minute and goodness, I don’t know how people got Christmas shopping done before online shopping and Amazon Prime (which would be a great gift is someone doesn't have a Prime membership yet)! My shopping is just over halfway done, and I've got all ages to buy for.

So today, tis the season of gift lists, here’s my list, with a few extra fun things I’ve come across.  Maybe my list will give you some ideas for yourself or if you are shopping for a 30-something mom.

  1. Instant Pot

    I love to cook, mostly because I love to eat delicious food. A few of my friends have been raving about Instant Pots and while I was hesitant about yet another kitchen appliance, this one might just be worth it. I’m a crockpot fan, but this will do that and more in a fraction of the time! (Here’s a 6 qt. Instant Pot at Kohl’s for a good price, and you know Kohl’s always has crazy sales, so you can probably snag a good deal)

  2. Calphalon Stock pot

    From new gadgets to old stand-by’s, I need a new soup pot or stock pot as I’ve learned is the official name. The one that came with the set we got for our wedding is 10 years old and has seen better days. I’d be happy with just about anything to replace my current Calphalon that the nonstick coating is coming off. And to go with the pot, this spill stopper lid is genius, it prevents the water from boiling over.

  3. Multi-use kitchen tool

    Final kitchen gadget, this multi-use tool over on Amazon. Things that i don’t use often, but are handy to have when needed. They all stack together on top of a measuring cup. I can see my kids being entertained by this one too.

  4. Get it Together shirt

    This is probably generic, but clothes are always on my list. I get bored with what’s in my closet, so a few new items are fun. I’ve been eyeing this “Get it Together” shirt since Danette had it on the other week. It’s soft and loose, but a neutral color that can be worn with another shirt or jacket over top. My go-to outfit is jeans and a plain shirt, still in search of good jeans that are fitted, but not skin tight, that are long enough and have a waist that stays where it should. Struggles.

  5. Book, Turtles All the Way DownBooks. I love to read and that can be a problem, once I start a book, I get addicted and get very little done until I’ve finished the book. It’s not uncommon for me to finish a book in a couple of days. So, getting a good book for Christmas is perfect, the kids will be entertained with all their new stuff and I can snuggle up and read. Here’s a list of books to read from 2017, I think any of those would make a great gift oh and “Turtles All the Way Down” by John Green is on my want to read list!
  6. Amazon Echo

    Something I won’t buy myself, but I guess that’s why it would be a good gift is an Echo from Amazon of course. I’m intrigued and the technology nerd in me thinks it would be fun to connect lights and other gadgets in our house so they could be turned on and off via voice. We often have dance parties with the kids, so the ability to have Alexa play songs on command would be fun too.

  7. Etsy Gift card

    In other things I would like but wouldn’t by myself, unique, handmade things on Etsy. They have some gift guides of their own if you’re looking for ideas for office friends or the “spirit sipper” as they call it. Of course I can’t not mention that Sweetums has an Etsy shop with our products, custom, personalized gifts are always a hit, things like a monogram coffee mug, house number for an entry way or mailbox, or a seasonal decal would all be gifts I’d be happy to receive.

  8. Wine. A few years ago my husband got me a case of wine and I will not disclose how long before it was all gone. There’s a nice store in Tiffin, Ralph’s Joy of Living that sells everything from appliances to wine, and they keep track of what wines you’ve bought, so it was super easy for my husband to go in and they helped him pick out wines that I’d previously purchased. Everyone wins! I’m curious to try the wine delivery services, but that could be dangerous.
  9. I’ll wrap this up with a general “gift certificates”, but not just to a store, but those are great too, I’m thinking of things like a massage, or for a house cleaning, or to get my car detailed (might not be worth it til the kids are older), or a pedicure or even to a “date night”. Ok, and one last plug, Sweetums offers gift certificates too! Not sure what decal will work for someone, or what size they’d want, get a gift certificate, and maybe print out what you were thinking for them, everyone wins!

So there you have it, my list. Are you done shopping? What’s on your list?

Happy shopping!