Jack-O’-Lantern decal project ideas

Jack-o-lantern decal

Our free decal for October is the Jack-O’-Lantern face. Every month we offer a different free decal that comes with every order. The free decals give you a chance to practice applying a decal so you are comfortable with the process before you apply your order. The free decals are smaller and since they’re free, there’s less pressure to get it perfect! Just because they’re free, doesn’t mean you can’t do something awesome with it! Check out our ideas on ways to use this decal and, as always, we’d love to see how you used this decal in your own home!

On a Pumpkin!

The obvious way to use this decal is on a pumpkin, which is great, you avoid the mess of carving and your jack-o-lantern will last longer. I let my daughter Lilly apply the decal and she was giggling with delight.  

Applying a decal

Porch Decor

The decal is 5” x 5”, so I went to my scrap wood pile and found the perfect piece of wood to use. I found a piece that measures 11”x17”, but you could really use any size you can find. A taller piece to add some height to your decor would be cute too! I wanted to use this with some pumpkins and gourds I had, so I decided to use some stain I had leftover from another project. This project was all about using things I had around… I even used an old sock to wipe off the stain.

Window Decor

This one is super easy, pick a window or door and apply! If you’re looking for a way to practice your hand at application and add some Halloween spirit to your home, this is quick and easy. Just be sure to clean the glass and let dry completely. Then follow along with the application instructions or video to apply the decal! You could add a orange pumpkin cut out behind to make the decal pop or just leave as is. (Check out Lilly's application video on Facebook!)

We hope those give you some ideas for ways to use the free October decal and maybe give you some ideas for other projects! There are other great seasonal decals available. That scaredy cat might just end up on my barn...