​Graduation Party Ideas

So the calendar says it’s spring, and everyone is ready for warmer weather. Here at Sweetums we are gearing up for spring sports, wedding season, Mother’s Day and Graduation! Spring and summer are a busy time in the Sweetums Signatures shop and for Sweetums Tents & Event Rentals!

Graduation party planning is already in full swing for some folks, but we wanted to highlight some graduation party ideas that Sweetums can help you with! With one call or email, you can get yard signs, custom shirts, a tent and a drink machine for your party, we love that we can be your one-stop-shop for party planning and custom gifts!

So, here are a few graduation party ideas for you*:

  1. Custom Banner - Have a custom banner made to congratulate your grad and to decorate your party space. Banners can be made in a variety sizes and we can add grommets to make it easy to hang. Include a senior photo or just text on the banner to make it a keepsake!
  2. Yard signs* - even before party day, let everyone know how proud you are of your 2018 grad. Have a yard sign made to put in your yard or at the party location.
  3. Chalkboard labels - Use these cute chalkboard labels for dishes on the buffet, to label photos or on centerpieces. Looking for a larger chalkboard sign? We’ve got a lot to choose from, use a large chalkboard wall decal to make your own sign to congratulate the graduate!
  4. Custom shirts - as a parent, isn’t it part of your duty to embarrass your children? Looking for a clever way to display all those old photos, especially the really embarrassing elementary school ones? Put it on a t-shirt! Imagine the surprise (and horror) if you and your whole family had custom shirts with photos of the grad?! If wearing a photo of your grad isn’t your style, we offer other graduation shirts and custom designs!
  5. Favor ideas - Do you want to have something for your guests to remember your grad’s big day? We can help you create stickers in a variety of sizes to add a personal touch to anything!
  6. Decals for decorating - Our decals are so affordable, use them to decorate for the party and then peel them away… or leave them if you like! Our decals can be applied to walls or used to create a cute photo booth, or even on a poster for a photo display. Small monograms or the graduation year could be added to centerpieces. Pick your color and size and make it easy to give your party a polished look, without the time and effort of hand-lettering! Any of the name decals could be used for any word; congratulations, the graduate's name or the name of the school could be done using the cursivetypewriter or you can create your own!
  7. Gifts for grads - looking for a unique gift to get the graduate, and something they’re guaranteed not to get duplicates of? How about a pillow for their dorm room or a cozy sweatshirt from our homegrown line? We can also create a custom canvas* from a decal design or a photo, use it as decoration at the party and a keepsake! Gifts from Sweetums are always a hit!
  8. Food prep - are you realizing you don’t have roasters to keep all the food warm? Or what about a drink machine to add a fun treat to the party? Sweetums Tents & Event Rentals can help you with all when it comes to tents, tables, linens, patio heaters & more!

Well, those are just a few ideas on how Sweetums can help you add some special touches to your graduation party. We’d love to hear or see what you’re working on for your grad party! Or if you have an idea, but aren’t sure how to execute it, let us know, with our large format printing, vinyl cutting, banners and garment printing capabilities, we can help you determine how to make your vision a reality.

Happy party planning and congrats to all the grads!

*Due to shipping costs, our canvases and yard signs are available for pick-up only.