Decals & More for Businesses

Are you a business owner? Looking for a way to give your business a more polished look without breaking the budget? Sweetums Signatures has a wide selection of business signs for walls, windows & cars, as well as apparel for you and your employees, stickers for promotion or your products and more. Send us a file of your logo or other custom artwork and we will create signage to make your business stand out!

You’re an expert at your business, let us help you with your signage, decal and apparel needs. 

Here are a few of our most popular business products:

Custom Business Wall Decals

Make an impression and show off your brand with a custom logo decal. Wall decals can be produced out of a solid color vinyl, or printed in full color. You choose the size and color that works for your space and in no time, you will have a custom logo decal in your hands. (Sample image is a solid color vinyl decal, visit our album of Customer photos on Facebook to see more example photos.)

Custom Business Window Decals

Vinyl Window decal

Similar to the wall decal, custom window decals can be made for a storefront window or door. Window decals can be made out of solid color vinyl and can be printed normal for exterior application, or we can reverse your logo so the decal can be applied inside to be viewed from the outside. (Sample image to left is a solid color vinyl decal applied on the interior of a door window.)


Full color window decals can also be produced, but must be applied on the exterior side of the window (to be viewed from the outside), as we don’t have the ability to print on the sticky side of the decal. All decals can be contour cut, so there doesn't have to be any background, but it is often helpful to have a a contrasting color to make the decal standout. (Sample image of Jolly's is a full color decal to get the exact orange with a white boarder.)

Custom Vehicle Business Decals

Advertise on the go with your business logo on your car, truck or van! Perfect for delivery vehicles or to promote your consulting business. Car decals can be placed on windows, doors or anywhere.

All of our custom printed decals can be printed on solid color vinyl or as a full color print. Pricing is based on size, but our decals are affordable! If you’re not sure what you need, send us your logo file and what you have in mind and we can point you in the right direction.

Business Hours Decals

This completely customizable business hours decal will make it easy for your customers to know when to stop by. Place this by an entrance on the door or in a window. This solid color decal can be made from any vinyl color and can be produced “normal” or “reversed”. Having the decal produced reversed means you can apply it on the inside of a window and the hours can be read from the outside. We offer three standard sizes, starting at just $15. A great way to highlight your summer or holiday hours!

Other business products

Browse our “Business” category for more great options like banners, custom can kooziesproduct labels and other decals to make your office, restaurant or store more customer friendly. For our local customers (we are located in Attica, Ohio), we offer corrugated plastic yard signs and aluminum signs that are great for exterior signage needs.

Apparel & Imprints

Sweetums Signatures also offers custom apparel and imprinting to really set your business apart. If you’re looking for apparel for your employees or giveaways for your customers, Sweetums can help you make it happen. Our custom artwork t-shirt listing available, or contact us with questions and we can help put together a custom order for you. We can customize just about anything, from shirts to pillows, let us help you create something unique!

Some FAQs when it comes to business decals:

Q: What type of file do you need?

A: To create decals, we need a vector file, which could be an Adobe Illustrator (AI) or EPS file. Sometime PDF files are vector based and can be used. If you’re not sure, send us the file you have and we can let you know if it is something we can work with.

Q: Should I order a solid color or full color print decal?

A: It depends on your logo and what you’re looking for and how detailed your logo is. Basic lettering and simple graphics work well for solid color decals and full color prints work best for photos, fine details and multiple colors

Q: I don’t know what vinyl color to use, how do I pick?

A: Sweetums Signatures offers free samples so you can see what will match best for your space. Select the colors that you are considering and we will send you a 1.5” swatch so you can see it in person before ordering.

Q: Will the decal have a background or does it have to be a standard shape?

A: We have the ability to contour cut designs, so no, decals don’t have to have a background and don’t have to be a standard shape like a circle or square. Our pricing is based on standard square sizes, but decals can be created at any dimensions and in any shape. If a logo has a lot of fine detail or will be placed on a window, a white, contoured outline can help the logo pop and add contrast.