Watermelon Printed Wall Decal Set

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These fun and funky slices of watermelon will add a burst of sweet color to your space. This decal pack is deal for a kid's room, nursery or even your kitchen. Place them freely around the space, create a pattern, or a border. The creativity is up to you! These pieces of watermelon have the look of being painted in watercolors. The watermelon will freshen up your room and make it feel like summertime year round! Your pack will come with ten pieces of watermelon. You can cut these out and place them on your wall as you see fit! The sample image showing the border displays more than one pack of decals.

Sizes Available:

Small Includes:
10 Pieces Of Watermelon Each 6" wide x 5" tall

Large Includes:
10 Pieces Of Watermelon Each 12" wide x 10" tall

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