Nursery Wall Decals

Sweetums has nursery and kid's room wall decals that help to create a fun and playful feel for your space. Browse our selection of inexpensive and removable childrens wall stickers and you're sure to find a design to fit any theme. Our low prices make it easy to frequently change your room's design theme, so when your nursery transforms into a kid's room you can simply remove the wall decal and replace it with an entire new design. Change the look without even changing paint in no time!

Wall Decal Themes

When starting out with your brand new baby, you want to have that nursery ready to go before they arrive so you are more equipped to handle all of the other things you cannot prepare for when it comes to becoming a parent. Giving your nursery a theme with wall decals will help to finish off your decor. We have hundreds of nursery and children's room designs, but if you cannot find what you're looking for let us know, we would be happy to create any idea you may be looking for. Finalize your theme with your baby's name on their wall above their crib by selecting from our pre-designed personalized wall decals.  Once again, if you can't find a font or design you want, we would be happy to completely customize to meet your decor needs. 

As babies grow into personalities, they gain opinions of their own. Giving your child's bedroom a theme not only helps to express their individuality and interests, but it also provides a personalized space they can call theirs. Accenting with specific themed wall decals will finalize the personalization in their room, whether it be a name wall decal or specific sport they love. The affordable price tag on wall decals makes decorating with a theme very fast and feasible to do.