I Drink My Coffee With Jesus Wall Decal

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As a business owner, wife and mother, I constantly feel thrown in a million directions. It seems my days are packed with chaos, interruptions, errands and appointments. Each new day is more crazy then the one before, and I do not feel alone in this. No matter the profession, no matter the lifestyle, there is just too much sometimes. I lay my head down many nights questioning my day and myself...

How could I have been more efficient? Why did I lose my cool with my kids? Could I have done it better? There are times I have been disappointed in myself for that check list not being completely checked off and tasks left undone. I know myself. I know how hard I work. I know have nothing to prove. Sometimes the day however, brings anxiety to the night. I toss and turn and at some point I rest my brain and turn it all off, just ready for a fresh start.

And just like that with each night, I have been blessed with the rising of the sun and a new day. A new day that begins before the little feet hit the floor, before the phone begins to ring, and the people come to work. Each new day is a fresh start and my alone time with me, my thoughts, my coffee and my Jesus. Even if it’s just a few minutes or only a few sips before it all begins, each day “I drink my coffee with Jesus,” and it makes everything worth starting again.

The largest size of this decal will come in more than one piece for easier application.

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