Full Name Simple Monogram Wall Decals Wall Stickers

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These monograms are great because you can do so much with them. Use them as a full name monogram for an individual, couple, your children, the list goes on. You can even cut them apart and space them out more if you wish. Traditionally, monograms for couples have the initial of woman's first name first, the initial of the couple's last name in the middle, and the initial of the man's first name last. For an individual, the initial of the person's first name will go first, the initial of last name goes in the middle, and the middle name's initial will go last.


Sizes Available:

22" wide x 6" tall - $9.50
36" wide x 10" tall - $15.00
50" wide x 14" tall - $20.25
65" wide x 18" tall - $26.00 

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