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The Custom Order Checkout Page is designed in mind for customers who already have received their custom order proofs along with a price. Select the price you were quoted and complete checkout.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please complete your order in the name you requested for your proof. If it must be placed under a different name, type the name of the requester in the comments box. Be sure to let us know if you need any help with the custom order process.

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Sandy Nimmons Jan 4th 2018

Custom order

Very helpful. Staff, quick turnaround & quality product. They helped me get exactly what I wanted. I did have to reorder a second time because layering the decals didn’t look good. My project was putting the decals on an old window so on the second try I placed the bottom layer on the inside of the window & the lettering on the opppsite side. This actually gave it a more 3 dimensional look. Thanks!

Rochelle Dec 15th 2017

Awesome product and awesome staff!!

I cannot say enough about how easy it is to work with this staff and the quality of products. I've been buying from Sweetums for a few years and they are always on point and at such a great price.

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