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The Custom Order Checkout Page is designed in mind for customers who already have received their custom order proofs along with a price. Select the price you were quoted and complete checkout.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please complete your order in the name you requested for your proof. If it must be placed under a different name, type the name of the requester in the comments box. Be sure to let us know if you need any help with the custom order process.

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Elda Jun 19th 2018

Custom Order

Very pleased with Sweetums service, easy to order and really fast service. They are the best.

Sandy Nimmons Jan 4th 2018

Custom order

Very helpful. Staff, quick turnaround & quality product. They helped me get exactly what I wanted. I did have to reorder a second time because layering the decals didn’t look good. My project was putting the decals on an old window so on the second try I placed the bottom layer on the inside of the window & the lettering on the opppsite side. This actually gave it a more 3 dimensional look. Thanks!

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