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Affordable Home Decorating

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Decorating in general can be such a daunting task. Whether you are revamping and redecorating an old home, or starting from a blank slate, the job can definitely be overwhelming. Opinions and pressure from outside family and friends, picking a color palette that you can live with, setting a budget, tearing in and committing to the project… Many times we talk ourselves out of it before we even begin. I mean really, who cares?

Studies have shown that a happy pleasant decorative environment, free of clutter and disarray, have a positive effect on a person’s mood and behavior. Even if you could care less what other people think of your 1960’s décor, you are the one who has to live with it. So roll up your sleeves and dig in; it really doesn’t have to be so bad.

  • 1.First you have to set a budget. The room you tackle will play a huge part in this decision. Obviously kitchens and bathrooms offer the most expense per square foot in your home. But if one of those rooms is your target redo, an affordable revamp really is an option. There are many décor options out there that make designing on a dime a seamless process.
  • 2.Decide on a color scheme. Picking your pallet can be the most difficult decision of the entire process. What if you get it wrong? What if the color mood isn’t what you were going for? Relax. Decide if you want the space to be bright and airy or dark and cozy and go from there. When in doubt, I look online for inspiration.
  • 3.SHOP. Find a few inspirational pieces and let that guide you from there. Whether one of a kind antique shops tickle your fancy, or chain stores with modern décor are in your favor, visit the places you love and center your décor on a focal point.

From textiles to furniture, depending on the budget you've set, it's time to add your pieces to the walls. Sweetums Wall Decals offers affordable wall decals to help. We have many options that will lesson the blow on your decorating budget and help you make up for your larger expenses, like furniture and appliances if you decide to do so. 

One affordable option, is backsplash wall decals for your kitchen. Real backsplash tiles are very expensive! Moroccan Tile Wall Decals sell for only $9.50 a sheet. You can measure your space, decide what you need and completely tile your backsplash with decals at a low price. Our tile decals can even dress up ugly tile that you aren't quite ready to replace. 

Have an old ugly shower door that needs some help? From quotes to flourish wall decals, we can cover a shower door with little expense and add some spice to the space. Here, we used a "So Fresh and So Clean" wall decal, with the smallest size selling for only $7.50 

In this example, we have ballerina border wall decals, starting at only $8.00 for the small size. When changing from a baby's nursery room decor, to big girl themes for example, the price tag can add up quick. Kid's room wall decals allow you to change a look or a theme without repainting. Children change their minds often about what interests them - consider affordable wall decals as an option. This way you will keep up with their current interests without spending a fortune. 

No matter what room you've geared up to tackle, Sweetums Wall Decals has a decorative solution to tailor that space and your interests! At the end of the day, if your search has become endless and you cannot find what you want, feel free to "Create Your Own Wall Decal" through Sweetums! Custom wall decals from Sweetums offer an affordable solution while giving that personalized look! Affordable home decorating has never been more fun! Who said cheap had to look cheap!? ! 

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